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It is equally crucial to be conscious of your environmental impact as it is to deliver products to customers safely. Fortunately, there are fresh options that businesses may use to satisfy both of these demands. For instance, custom kraft boxes are a new style of environmentally friendly cardboard boxes that are gaining popularity swiftly. Due to their wide range of applications, Kraft Boxes have transformed the world. They have made our lives easier by simplifying the packing of so many different goods. Despite the market's wide selection of cardboard boxes today, for a number of reasons, customers still favour Kraft-made boxes over cardboard. First of all, because they are made of superior pine wood, they are both user- and eco-friendly. These boxes can be recycled on their whole. Second, they are substantial enough to securely keep the goods or products inside of them. Thirdly, the production of high-quality boxes requires the use of pine pulp, which is crucial.


Kraft paper boxes are created using a special technique and are made of brown-coloured material. They are stronger than typical cardboard boxes and are named after the German term for strength. The boxes are constructed from a variety of organic materials, including:
  1. organic wood fibres
  2. Solid bleached sulfate-coated recycled paperboard
  3. Sulfur
Trees are the source of paper as we know it. more particularly, the pulp is made from wood fibres. Among other substances, the wood fibres from the pulp contain cellulose and lignin. Lignin is a substance that gives brown paper its colour and binds fibres together. The fact that paper is not always white is unknown to many individuals. It is brown. The fibres must be bleached in order to produce white paper. What charms about kraft paper? Since it is made of unbleached pulp, it is the purest paper possible and contains no chlorine at all. It can be left alone to develop its lovely, natural brown hue. As you can expect, bleaching involves chemicals, thus the fewer chemical procedures paper undergoes, the more environmentally friendly the custom kraft box will be.


The basic components of a kraft box are a flute (made of recycled paper) sandwiched between two liners. These liners frequently now contain a sizeable portion of recycled material, derived from used cardboard or other sources of secondhand paper. However, virgin Kraft is still utilized for premium boxes. In actuality, though, whether the paper is recycled or not doesn't really matter because it always began life as virgin paper, which is made from freshly pulped trees. Two different types of liners are used while making custom kraft boxes; these are the materials that go on top and below the fluting to form the corrugated board. Cardboard boxes often have a Kraft paper exterior layer and a test paper inner liner. This is so that it may be printed on because Kraft is smoother and of higher quality than a test. As an additional bonus, utilizing Kraft for the exterior face offers the advantage of being more water-resistant. Kraft paper must be created from softwood trees with long fibres, such as pine, spruce, and fir trees, in order to get this smooth texture. Because long fibres hold tension better than short ones, Kraft paper is frequently referred to as having a high tear and burst resistance. Depending on the type of tree it was made from, Kraft paper can have a variety of appearances. For example, Scandinavian Spruce, Pine, and Silver Birch Kraft are all dark brown in colour, but Russian versions of the same tree type have a more erratic brown appearance with black spots. Brazilians utilize Eucalyptus and Spruce, and the Kraft they make is light brown, whereas Chinese woods are employed, and their Kraft has a yellowish tint because of the high straw content. Test paper liners are often composed of hardwood trees that have short fibres, or recycled paper which is why it is cheaper and has a more abrasive quality.


Generally speaking, custom Kraft boxes are more environmentally friendly than other types of packaging, largely due to their composition and ease of disposal. Although natural, plant-based materials are utilized as raw materials to create paper and paper goods like Kraft boxes, the manufacturing method for paper products is not the most environmentally friendly. Paper and pulp mills have a variety of harmful environmental effects, including the potential for land, water, and air pollution as a result of the chemicals employed in the manufacturing process and the waste materials generated. A significant amount of energy is consumed in the mechanical processes involved in producing paper and custom Kraft boxes, most of which originates from burning fossil fuels, a non-renewable and unsustainable energy source. Due to their composition and ease of disposal, Kraft boxes can still be seen as more environmentally friendly than plastic packaging. The materials used to make Kraft boxes are completely recyclable, much like other paper and cardboard boxes. You should have no trouble recycling Kraft boxes as long as your community's recycling programme or facility accepts paper and cardboard items. However, it’s crucial to know that since custom Kraft boxes are often used in food packing, any Kraft box that is damaged or contaminated with grease or another food residue cannot be recycled. The custom Kraft boxes themselves are rather sustainable due to the materials they are constructed of and the ease with which they can be disposed of, despite the fact that the process used to make them isn't the most environmentally friendly. Trees may be planted repeatedly without running out because they are a renewable resource. While it is true that some deforestation results from the removal of trees in order to obtain the wood needed to generate wood pulp, the majority of trees used to make paper are grown in managed forests. By highlighting the value of kraft boxes in our lives and their environmentally friendly production method, VANTAGE BOXES enables you to contribute to environmental protection while also giving you the best kraft box wholesale pricing to support economic growth.

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