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Starting from 100 Boxes, Not Required Huge Batch of Boxes.

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8-10 Business Days, Quick Processing for All Orders.

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Completely Cutsom Design, Custom Size and Custom Style.

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We Have Dedicated Expert Support for product specialization.

Custom boxes for your industry

Custom boxes for your industry

15 Years of Excellence in producing Custom Packaging


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“Start to finish, this was one of the best customer service experiences I've had in a long time! After chatting with a live human (hi Adam!) on the website about what I was looking for, Vantage Boxes made it super simple to create my vision into an actual packaging product. The whole process was quick and efficient. If you are looking for a packaging company that will work with you to make your boxes your own- definitely do yourself a favor and go with Vantage Boxes”

“Vantage boxes had the best price for the candle boxes I needed. Adam Smith was very helpful to help resolve a small issue we had. I would order from them again!”

“Worked with us on a quick turn around and expedited shipping for some sample boxes we needed. Great quality and good communication.”

“Loved their service and the quality of the product. On-time delivery and great customer service made my day. Fantastic experience --- I highly recommend Vantage Boxes for all your boxes needs.”

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“A great company to have business relationship. Their high quality, & authentic packaging products, their knowledgeable, courteous customer service reps make their company a unique one in the field of packaging. Their on time delivery to the respective clients makes Vantage Boxes, more credible & uncommon. I highly recommend everyone to go for Vantage Boxes for their packaging needs.”

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“I am beyond pleased with the service they did a Excellent job bringing my vision to life. I am using them for my entire beauty brand packaging I highly recommend.”

Online commerce has exploded in such a globally promoted and networked digital environment. While this has provided business owners with numerous and easy-to-access opportunities with quick access to customers, it has also increased competition because buyers no longer select products solely based on their quality; instead, the overall look and impressive packaging play a pivotal role in this time. Let’s be honest: we’ve all bought something because we were wowed by its packaging. Its attractive design, eye-catching color scheme, and distinctive logo made us shout and prompted us to buy it right away while wondering about how we would brag about it to our friends later. Meanwhile, this is how personalized packaging may help you win more sales. With recent events and technical breakthroughs, e-commerce has become the new normal, and a digital market is a place for innovative competition where in addition to quality, one must ensure the best display and overall look to capture customers’ attention. And, because products are frequently moved to multiple places, specialized boxes might come in handy.

Custom boxes let you create a lasting impact on your clients by allowing you to select from a variety of forms, color schemes, paper quality, and other inputs (which can eventually convert them to your regular customers). When done well, unique packaging says volumes about the quality of the product within, and the innovative designs fascinate buyers.

Vantage Boxes

Vantage Boxes manufactures and supplies practically all types of boxes and packaging services your business may want as a leading packaging solution supplier with years of expertise and competitive teams globally. For varied retail items, choose from printed paper boxes, corrugated printed boxes, rigid boxes, and cardboard boxes.

Services for Retail Packaging

Retail packaging, with its high-quality design that gives the best package experience for your customers, helps your brand stand out and make an impact in order to safeguard and maintain its well-established reputation. Customers are informed and engaged by such personalized packaging, which also strengthens a company’s brand. BAKERY BOX PACKAGING keeps your products safe while also improving their visibility on the store. Retail packaging comes in a number of shapes and sizes, with a variety of package solutions that may be used carefully and professionally for your selected materials, with a combination of distinctive structural design and high-quality printing to boost sales.

We at Vantage-Boxes, make every effort to supply you with the highest quality products to effectively establish your brands in the hands of customers and increase sales. Our Retailing Packaging Boxes are available in nearly all sizes, creative forms, and styles that exceed our clients’ expectations. Retail boxes with partitions, transparent glass boxes, detachable lid boxes, flip-top rigid boxes, and boxes with EVA foam are just a few of the many options available to our loyal clients. Furthermore, we create and transport boxes of all types, including apparel boxes, auto-lock boxes, bakery boxes, bath bombs, Bux-board boxes, business cards, cake, candles, and nearly every other culinary item. Please feel free to search for the goods you desire.

Cardboard Boxes

Custom Cardboard Boxes are the cornerstone and play an important role in both packaging and shipping. Despite differences in box sizes used for packaging and shipping, cardboard boxes provide sturdy support to manufactured objects and products being shipped overseas. Cardboard Packaging is also available in quantity, allowing anybody to acquire the boxes with a few clicks and protect your things from mistreatment during delivery by providing substantial support.

Rigid Boxes

Custom Rigid Boxes are a high-end packaging item that is often obtained by the world’s leading brand. Rigid boxes not only amaze buyers with their solid, supporting construction, but also with their flawlessness and guarantee of safety. RIGID PACKAGING BOXES at wholesale allow consumers to obtain the necessary boxes while having a little impact on their wallets. Rigid boxes are thicker than custom boxes and have more style options, such as flip-top, detachable cover boxes, magnetic enclosure, lift-off lid boxes, slide boxes, and extra attachments to the lid, such as ribbon, which adds classiness.

Cosmetics Boxes

Vantage-Boxes provides CUSTOM COSMETIC BOXES in a variety of styles for all types of beauty products, including the Palette box, Skincare box, Eyeliner box, Eye gel box, Lip sick box, Cream box, and Facial cleanser box, Lotion box, and Facial box. Our box collection includes all of the cosmetic goods on the market. We are constantly ready to satisfy clients’ high-end requests with our skilled workforce. As a result, feel free to place your order for the unique and modern Cosmetic Packaging Boxes at Wholesale. In all designs and sizes, fine-textured, faultless boxes with additional, desired specs such as patterned boxes, glossy matte lamination, soft-touch, varnishing, spot UV, embossing, gold printing, debossing, and various color foil stamping and designing are available. With many years of expertise in the Custom Packing Market, we are very proud of our talents in the field of designing and producing various types of Custom Packaging boxes that are unparalleled in the packaging box industry. We sell tons of thousands of high-quality Custom Boxes to the worldwide product manufacturing sectors each year and have a long list of completely satisfied clients.