Custom Window Pillow Boxes

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With the popularity of Pillow shape. VANTAGE PACKAGING design pillow packaging boxes with variations in shape and designing .We do not let low price affect our best quality. We guide you with responsibility to get you to best solution possible. The material that we use is eco- friendly and can be decomposed without harming the nature. We also have handles on the boxes to make you carry the boxes with ease and style.  We give option to deboss or emboss fonts on the boxes. The material is durable as it is made of corrugated and Kraft paper. We have inner laminations too for making the pillow safe from any kind of damage.


Window on a packaging box impacts a lot on the packed product impression. It creates a better understanding of the product. Product visibility develop a good sense of product understanding for the customer. Customer confidentially buy such product which is been packed in a packaging box having window on it. Window on a packaging box direct impact on your sale rate. You can improve your sale ration by adding window on the pillow packaging box. You can add a PVC clear sheet inside the window to protect your packed item. Packaging having window attracts customer and they prefer to buy such product which is clearly visible for them.

Customer care center and free consultancy 

VANTAGE PACKAGING provides active service 24/7. Customer can contact us at any time we will help our customer and guide them which packaging box is best suitable for their product. We help you selecting best fit packaging box for your product. Appearance matters a lot no body attract towards the simple or boring packaging boxes. 

Packaging boxes with attractive graphics and fascinating color scheme urge the customer to buy such product which is packed in a splendid and fine quality packaging boxes.

Contact VANTAGE PACKGAING to place order for your whole sale window pillow packaging boxes in very reasonable and lesser rates as compare to the market.


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