Candle Boxes

The candles are used not only for occasions, but many hotels, spas and beauty parlors make use of candles to give an exquisite ambiance and dreamy aroma. Make your candles more in demand by getting it printed in the most stylish way in the lowest possible rates, in the lowest possible delivery time and the delivery of the boxes at your doorstep. We offer free of cost designing and styling of your product in the shortest possible delivery time. We help you discover new themes and ideas for packaging your boxes which give your candle boxes just the elegant look. We also print and design the boxes according to the theme or flavor of the candles.

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Candle is delicate and mild product, which need a solid and strong packaging which keep it secure from destruction and preserve its original shape. Cardboard packaging for candle product is the right choice for the sensitive candles. This paraffin wax product need to pack in a non-reactive and heat absorbing packaging which keep the candle safe inside the packaging box. These boxes can be shaped in to different sizes and shapes to suit your need. VANTAGE PACKAGING is a company which knows how to make your product identical in the market.

We design packaging boxes to promote your business and make your own identity in the market. No one convince to buy such product which is packed in boring packaging. Stylish and graceful packaging attracts the customers and urge them to buy such product which grab their attention and convince them to step towards it.


Different shape packaging boxes for different candles.

Candles are available in different shapes and different style. VANTAGE Packaging allows you to get the packaging according to the shape of the candle. Choose the best appropriate size of packaging box for your candle. 

Versatile packaging boxes for your different style of candles are available in very cheap rates as compare to other packaging companies of the market. If you want that your product become popular and famous in the market, and customer attract towards it due to its unique packaging try Vantage packaging company. 

VANTAGE provide you each and every packaging solution in a customer friendly environment. We give you 24/7 active service our customer care center guide our respected customer and help them in choosing the best packaging style and design for their product marketing.  

VANTAGE has each and every solution for your product packaging. Don’t worry just place your order and see how your sale rate touches the sky.


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