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We believe that the price of candle sales in the United States is above two billion dollars per year, based on surveys done by relevant authorities. The holiday season, such as Christmas and Easter, accounts for one-third of this transaction. Today, rising brands and enterprises have introduced therapeutic candle collections, which are proving to be quite popular with clients.

Custom Candle Boxes or custom retail packing is essential to these businesses.  To increase candle sales, the use of customized candle box packaging is the key. People enjoy using candles and other ornaments to decorate their houses, especially around the holidays. It adds to the ambience’s warmth and festive appearance. During the snowy and freezing weather, the flame of a candle is calming and comfortable to gaze at, which is why candles are still a favourite Christmas present.

Moreover, if this presentation will present in a pleasureful manner the customer will have a sense of individuality and love. For example, candles packaged in unique and appealing retail packaging which does not require wrapping will turn your coffee table into a pleasant nook of your home where you can relax on lazy days. If you are a candle business holder the first question after reading this will arise in your mind how to sell more candles during Christmas? So, we decided to provide a complete guide to increasing candle sale during Christmas.


If you own a candle company, Christmas and the festive season are the best times of year to increase candle sales. To do so, cut through the chaos in the marketplace and make out to your clients, reminding them of your items, enticing them to buy, and providing them with something of quality that they can love and talk about.

Remember that if your product surpasses their expectations, every delighted customer can become an influencer in today’s society by leveraging social media platforms. You can also get benefit from including some religious organizations in the candle-making business, in addition to commercial enterprises.

This will boost your sales. Customers will be ecstatic to get their hands on something fresh, intriguing, and festive! SELL ONLINE; Because of the convenience of payment and delivery, users are more inclined to make impulse purchases online. Those who prefer shopping for Christmas gifts without leaving the house may be your ideal clientele.


A quality box would not only make the buyer feel more comfortable, but it will also improve the image of your company in candle marketing. It will also increase customer relations in addition to the packaging’s beauty. As a result, selecting the lovely and candle box packaging is an essential candle marketing tip. The product’s demand will be boosted by the box’s high quality.

Aside from the candle box’s looks, it should be designed to impress customers. Customers will believe they are purchasing something of high quality if you use the best candle packaging. It will also provide the consumer with a feeling of security and works as an effective candle marketing strategy because customers will endorse your brand and bring in more customers.


A great design can let you handle your goods with confidence and organization. This will also save money on storage. Having attractive custom candle boxes makes it easy for clients to store their items while also demonstrating their worth (and well-being) and Christmas store decoration ideas. They will very certainly keep it in their store or on shelves since they see it as a decorative item. Also, these glorious candles can provide store décor ideas for Christmas such as Magical Jar Luminaries; make them DIY candles by adding cinnamon sticks to sides etc.


Customers often remember the small details of a transaction more than the service or product they received. Customers notice small things that make people happy not only about making a purchase, but making a buy from you, and these details are an important component of the whole customer experience. Here are many methods out there to exceed expectations when it comes to customer service to increase customer loyalty.

Among these, attentiveness is vital because clients expect to be carefully listened to when discussing their product’s need and distinctiveness. On the second, question yourself “Is there anything you and your team can do to show your clients that you not only pay more attention to their choices but that you remember them and respond to them with each purchase?” as far as we concern everybody loves customization. The new business generation wants to build their image and establishes their brand name, for this purpose personalized product packaging with brand logos is playing an amazing role in the industry.

Moreover, always make it clear that you’re providing extra service to them because they’re a valuable customer, but if you want to express to them how much you value them try customer experience management software. This software will help you get digital feedback from the customers and also some suggestions that aid you in further improvement.

In a nutshell, Christmas is the busiest time of year for the candle industry, as candles are used in almost every type of decorating during the holiday season, at festive family dinners as well as lightening them in the church. Custom candle boxes and their fancy packaging add to Eve’s allure.

Consider using social media for promotion and looking into wholesale opportunities if you truly want to boost your candle business sales during the holidays. Additionally, keeping your client/company pleased and satisfied will bring you a huge array of new customers. Lastly, always go for feedback by using customer experience survey software.

We at Vantage Boxes appreciate new amendments suggested by our valuable clients and in return provide them with the best-customized candles box packaging, perfectly tailored to their product’s requirements, which not only boosts brand sales but also adds value to their candle’s glory.      candle 

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