3 Things You Need to Know Before Ordering Custom Shipping Boxes

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Customers appreciate having custom shipping boxes from their favorite brands since a basic cardboard box, especially from a premium brand, is just bland and uninspiring. Many e-commerce firms fail to capitalize on custom shipping containers, which excite customers and keep them returning for more. These companies underestimate the delight of obtaining something unique. Even if it’s delivered in an over box, your bespoke packaging should have a “wow” factor.

Every month, over 90,000 consumers search YouTube for “unboxing” videos. On Twitter and Instagram, look for the #unboxing hashtag. People enjoy watching others grab stuff from boxes. If the packaging makes you smile, it becomes a part of the story. With a personalized box, you can transform every delivery into Christmas morning. Packaging is noticed by customers. According to a recent survey, 39 % frequently purchase a product because of new or unusual packaging. Brand owners share this sentiment, with % stating that package qualities influence the value of their brand. Custom packaging assists in engaging the most desirable customers. Custom packaging design is important to premium buyers, who spend $200 or more each month.

While providing an Instagram-worthy unwrapping experience is important, the box must also function. The product must be in excellent shape and fit for its intended function when it arrives. Consumers want to know about environmental issues with bespoke packaging boxes, such as if the packaging is recyclable or if the information card contains wildflower seeds that may be planted. Packaging must also work in tandem with your fulfillment system to reduce excessive handling, costs, and potential damage.

Custom packaging turns ordinary customers become brand influencers. They will promote your company on social media and in person, attracting new customers and deepening ties with existing ones. By getting the best possible packaging services from Vantage Boxes, a leading provider of quality packaging supplies in the United States, you can write your own success story.

What are the Benefits of Buying Customized Shipping Boxes?

Branding Purposes

Customized shipping boxes with your logo and brand colors help to build that image. Printing your logo on shipping boxes raises brand awareness, reminding people of your firm every time they encounter one of your boxes. Customers regularly reuse boxes, which increases your reach even further. If they receive a package carrying your information, people who have never heard of your business may become intrigued and visit it. It converts your shipping boxes into a new kind of advertising tool.

Stronger Professional Appearance

Custom packaging boxes will give your firm a more professional appearance. Because first impressions matter so much, make sure your boxes are not just well-packed but also simple to open. This influences how people react to your brand on the box because if they appreciate how the item arrived, they are more likely to recall that it came from your firm. That’s why, when it comes to conveying a professional image, unique boxes and great packaging supplies are inextricably linked.


You don’t need larger boxes than necessary when you have bespoke packaging made for your items. It guarantees that you are not just paying for pointless packing, sparing your company money. Because bespoke packaging may be purchased in bulk to save money, it is unlikely to be significantly more expensive than standard packaging when all costs are considered. Because most shipping companies now charge for volume as well as weight, custom boxes are likely to save your company millions of dollars on delivery costs.

End-Less Customizing Options

Maybe items will not fit into standard-sized boxes. It may compel you to purchase conventional boxes in various sizes or containers that are slightly too large for your items. It is no longer an issue with custom boxes. Custom boxes can be made in any unique shape or size to best fit what you sell. It aids in the prevention of item damage during delivery and reduces the number of returns or complaints about items arriving in bad condition.

How to Choose a Reliable Supplier for Your Customized Packaging Needs?

Finding the best supplier of Custom Packaging takes effort and might be dangerous. Your operations may suffer if your new packaging line isn’t fully operational. As a result, you’ll need to work with a packaging provider who knows your needs to guarantee a smooth transition. Let’s learn about what to consider while making such a critical decision.

Packaging Product Range

It’s crucial to consider both the packing materials and the quality of the items offered by the prospective provider. Do they have everything you’ll need to combine your suppliers? When do they replenish their inventory? Is it possible to request materials? Is it true they’re one of the top suppliers of customized packing materials? These are a few questions to think about while wrapping up your research. You should learn everything you can about the packaging products you need and make sure your supplier keeps track of stock levels. This removes the possibility of delays, which could impede your production if not remedied.

Packaging Expertise

With so many different packing materials to choose from, you’ll need a provider who sees the larger picture. When recommending packaging materials, an experienced provider should take into account both hard and soft expenses. You should look for a provider who knows your sector and can recognize the frequent difficulties and pain points you’re dealing with. As a result, efficient, cost-effective solutions will be implemented in a timely way.

Packaging Prices

It is critical to obtain competitive estimates from multiple packaging providers. However, consider the degree of service you’re receiving in contrast to others, as well as the soft expenses, and never sacrifice quality for the lowest alternative – this might wind up costing your business more, in the long run, owing to damaged returns, increased shipping charges, and even failed shipments. Custom pricing is a crucial consideration if you want to maximize cost-effectiveness. Vantage Boxes, for example, offers pricing that is reasonable not just now but also tomorrow. They collaborate closely with their clients to establish future price agreements that ensure economical packaging.

If you’re looking for a better packaging provider, contact Vantage Boxes right now to speak with one of our packaging professionals. Any questions you have will be gratefully answered.

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